Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy New Year Pursuits!

And here we go! In honor of 2012, here are 12 things to pursue in the New Year …
1. Restful rest—get some!

2. Treat yourself—Anything will do as long as it is for you.

3. Drink water—milk does a body good and water is even better.

4. Tell someone your story—Your history is uniquely yours to tell.

5. Where’s your stuff? Being able to find your most important documents in 5 minutes helps you to be prepared for most  anything! It’s also helpful to let someone else know where your stuff is too.

6. Don’t focus on dieting, focus on eating—foods from the major food groups will keep you healthy and nourished.

7. What medications are you taking? Do they all work          together for your benefit? Ask a pharmacist or your doctor.

8. Get out in the green — lift your mood by absorbing nature and light.

9. Reconnect with someone in your life—people are treasures.

10. Who ya gonna call?  Consider installing an emergency call    system.

11. Put your thinking cap on—engage your mind, ask questions and learn something new every day.

12. Since you have senses– this is a great time to get your ears and eyes checked.